Fish to Fish: How fast can you change one fish to another?

Fish to Fish: How fast can you change one fish to another?

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the fabulous game Acuity by Fat Brain Toys and invented by BlueMatter games.  If you didn’t read it – you should, there’s a great inventor interview in it.   (Click HERE)  Anyway, as it turns out there’s ANOTHER Fat Brain item from the same inventor duo: Fish to Fish.

Fish to Fish BoxI refer to Fish to Fish as the “word-melt picture game” because I did a lot of “word melts” when I was growing up.  Those are the little puzzles where you see how many words it takes you to go from one word to the other changing only 1 letter at a time but still make a real word each time.  If you don’t know about them, look them up as they’re a great way to kill some time and exercise your noggin.  But Fish to Fish does things a little differently – instead of words, it’s all about pictures.  You need to be the first player to go from the start fish to the end fish changing only one attribute (like eye shape, color, teeth/lips, etc.) at a time.  And as a bonus it’s an all-play speed game so there’s a pretty good chance that you’re going to make a mistake or freak out while looking for the same fish just with stripes!

Fish to Fish includes 32 cards that show you the fish everyone starts with and then the fish you’re trying to reach.  And then there are 32 fish tiles to hunt through.  The order in which you change your fish is totally up to you but I hear that changing the color of the fish first is the key to winning – but it only works if you’re opponents(s) don’t use that trick too!  If you win the round you get to collect the card and the first to reach 5 cards wins the game.  Happy “fishing!”

Fish to Fish Stats:
$22 at and independent game retailers
1-5 players (I think this works best with 2-3)
10-15 minutes
Ages 8 and up

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