Fill Those Easter Baskets with Some GAMES!

Fill Those Easter Baskets with Some GAMES!

I don’t have a super sweet tooth so gobs and gobs of Easter candy just isn’t my thing.  However, if the Easter Bunny filled my basket with games that would be a-okay with me!

This is one of my favorite annual articles to write because I try to highlight lots of smaller games that don’t always get articles of their own.  Not all are new – some are, some were new last year, and some are fun ones that have been out for a while, but the deal is all of the games have to be small enough to fit in an Easter Basket AND be $13 or less.  Enjoy!


Little Bird, Big Hunger $10, HABA, Ages 3-5, 2-4 players

Anyone who has been around kids knows the idea of “growing up” is a big topic!  This cute game from HABA has players feeding the little chicks and the more they’re fed, the bigger they grow.  It’s pretty simple game play with some rolling, matching, and counting, but the cuteness is really dialed up on this one!


Nonsensical Stories $13 HABA, Ages 3+, 1-4 players

In a way this is like Rory’s Story Cubes for little kids (BTW – Rory’s Story Cubes are always a great Easter Basket addition!) .  The difference is that this game has some characters, things, locations that aren’t on the dice.  The dice are also colored to help the littles come up with their story.  It’s cute, and the stories you get will be AMAZING!  It also comes in a cute little gift-like cube!


Older Children and Family-Friendly:

Blue Plate Scramble $13, Peaceable Kingdom, Ages 5+, 2-4 players

This is one of my latest games but wowza have I gotten great feedback on this fast-paced cooperative game!  Players must memorize 2 item meal “orders” on blue plates, flip the blue plates over, and then race the timer to find the cards that match the orders.  Play with as many customers as you want – it’s a little harder than you think because you have to memorize pair – but if you can make it through three rounds with less than 5 “angry customers” (errors), you win!

Rhino Hero, $10, HABA, Ages 5+, 2-4 players

It’s a terrible thing that I haven’t had a chance to review this amazing card-stacking game.  The goal is to play all of your roof cards – without knocking over the tower.  Roof cards indicate how many walls and how the walls must be placed.  Some cards have you move the Rhino Hero character or alter the direction of play, have players draw more cards, or skip a player.  Great fun for players of all ages – because it is SCARY to add the cards as that tower gets tall!!  (PS Ignore that the box in the pic says “Super Rhino” – I wanted to use a picture with the cards)


Difference Junior $12, Gigamic, Ages 5+, 1* or 2-6 players  

Difference $12, Gigamic, Ages 7+, 1* or 2-6 players

Gigamic does this line of games in tins which is perfect for Easter Baskets!  Shoot, I could fill this article with just stuff from them!  (see Tutti Frutti for another one I previously reviewed.)

Difference Junior and Difference are based on the “spot the difference” games.  Everyone has a pile of cards in front of them and then there is an active card in the center of the table.  The first player to spot the TWO differences between their card and the active card gets to discard their card.  First to get rid of all of their cards is the winner.  Great, quiet fun to keep the kiddos busy during a family party!  It can also be played as an activity and each set has 4 different series of images so you don’t feel like you’re looking at the same thing every time you play.


Happy Salmon $12 , North Star Games, Ages 6+, 3-6 players

I covered this game in a Toy Fair preview but never fully reviewed it – but I have helped demo it at just about every fair I’ve been two since then! Ha!  It’s a fun frenzied game were players are trying to get rid of their cards by finding someone to do the same ridiculous action with you.  The game is quick, loud, funny – and who doesn’t want to find a happy zippered salmon in their Easter Basket?!


Cheating Moth $11, Drei Magier Spiele, Ages 8+, 3-5 players

This game has been around for a little bit but I’ve never covered it and it’s the perfect size for an Easter Basket!  The goal is to get rid of all of your cards but you have to cheat to do it!  Drop cards on the floor, sit on them, it under your shirt – but if the guard bug sees you, you’re in trouble!  The game is silly and fun for a variety of ages!  (Yes… it’s in the same line as the awesome Cockroach Poker I reviewed HERE, and no, the title will be in English when you buy it here in the states I just needed a pic with the cards).


Jukem Sports Games: Jukem Football,  Jukem Basketball, Jukem Soccer $10 each, Haywire Group Ages 8+ 

The Jukem line of games started with Jukem Football back in 2009 and was licensed by Haywire Games last year and now there are two additional titles to enjoy!  I really wanted to include these in last year’s Easter Basket article, but they weren’t out in time!  They’re great card games for any sport lover (or card game lover)Jukem Football is essentially a math game (but please do not let you deter you!) where you move the ball down the field.  Jukem Basketball is a game about making and blocking shots.  And then there’s my personal favorite, Jukem Soccer which has bad-ass girl on the cover, is about stringing together passes and headers to try to get a shot on goal.


Fidgitz $10 ThinkFun 8+

I got to take one of the early production samples home with me after Toy Fair and while the one I’ve played with is a tad stiff, I’ve been promised the new one is smooth.  What’s cool about Fidgitz is that unlike many of the other fidgitty products out there, this one has a brainteaser built into it.  You don’t have to bother doing the brainteaser to enjoy it, but it’s a nice thing to have.  The idea is that you have to get one side to be completely white and the other side completely blue, and it’s a little harder to do than you think!


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Lastly here are some quick links to Amazon – I’m an affiliate which pays for my hosting and a few games to review.  So please buy using these links OR find a local game store to support, because they’re the life-blood of our industry.  Either way we’re cool and Happy Easter! – Kim