Fibber: A Ridiculous Twist on a Classic

Fibber: A Ridiculous Twist on a Classic

Some of my loyal readers may know, but if you don’t the last couple times Spin Master has sent me games they send me a couple copies of each title so I can give their games to more than one of the schools, libraries, park districts and teen clubs that I regularly donate to.  I truly appreciate their generosity, as do the recipients of their games.  Most recently when I dropped off the game Fibber at a Chicago park district the coordinator was so geeked to share it with her kids – and how could she not be excited?  Fibber’s box makes it looks like the game is filled with ridiculous fun!

Fibber is based on the classic game “BS” aka “Bullshit,” “Doubt it,” “Cheat” or whatever you call it.  Each player wears a set of glasses and the grey nose is placed on the circular mat on Bigfoot.  The first player discards a card face-down and says “I saw # Bigfoots.”  If another player thinks they’re lying they can yell “Fibber!”  If they weren’t lying, the accuser must take the stack of discards and a nose.  If they were lying, then the liar takes the stack of discards and a nose.  Play continues with the grey nose moving around the circular mat and players discarding cards until one player runs out of cards or the last nose, the silver nose, is taken by a player.  The player with the shortest nose stack wins!

The game’s easy to play and has a fun, absurd visual.  It’s a really cute twist on a classic card game that any kid is bound to love.  The only downfall is that you have to play with 3-4 players.  Obviously, since the classic game is played with a deck of cards (or two) it can be played with 3 to as many players as you can gather around the table.  But since you have to have at least 3 to play Fibber and there are only 4 sets of glasses, it’s a tad limiting but not enough to stop me from recommending it.

Fibber Stats:

~$10-15 Amazon, Target, and many others
3-4 players
10-15 minutes
Ages 7 and up


Side note: Before I saw Fibber for the first time an industry colleague asked me if I had seen the game where players put “shot glasses” on their nose.    Ha ha – this industry is ridiculous!  I love it!