The Easter Bunny’s Bringing GAMES!

The Easter Bunny’s Bringing GAMES!

The Easter Bunny’s Bringing GAMES!

I’m one of those “picky candy” people and frankly, some of the easter classics just don’t do it for me.  I’m not a fan of jelly beans, peanut butter eggs, malted milk balls,  — even chocolate bunnies meet a slow demise as little bits are chopped off and eaten over a period of weeks or even months.  I’d much rather find only a chocolate egg or two keeping a game company in my Easter basket!  Can you guess where this is going?  YES!  Let’s talk about some great Easter basket games!

So here’s the deal, I scoped out some games that are under $10 and are small enough to fit in an Easter Basket allowing the “Easter Bunny” to choose what is right for each basket recipient.

1. IQ Twist, by Smart Games

Smart Games is a Eurpoean company that manufacturers brainteasers and logic puzzles much like those 1-player games we’ve seen from ThinkFun — and actually Smart used to be Thinkfun’s European distributor. According to Jim Whitney of Smart, “Smart’s founder, Rolf Vandoren, brought a new game to Thinkfun, which they rejected, so Rolf produced it himself. That game was our first product, Cat and Mouse GoGetter, and look what grew out of it!”  Pretty cool story!  Smart Games are now available in the US and I recently had a chance to try out one of their best sellers, IQ Twist, and really enjoyed it.  Now it’s a brainteaser and not really a game – but it’s compact and fits easily into an Easter basket, purse or backpack.  A little guidebook tells you where to put the colored pegs on to the 8×4 grid and then you have to use the rest of pieces to fill up the grid.  The catch is openings in the pieces must cover like-colored pegs.  Challenges range from really easy to pull-out-your-hair impossible!

IQ Twist stats:
~$10 Amazon and other SMART Games retailers
1 players
How long do you want to play?
Ages 6 and up


2. Farkle Flip, by Patch Products

The classic dice game Farkle now has a card game!  Farkle Flip was introduced this past February at Toy Fair and although classic Farkle is played with dice, the game testers all agreed that this would make a great little gift to anyone who is a fan of Farkle.  Instead of rolling the dice you are drawing cards from a deck and placing them in front of yourself or other players.  Every player has cards in front of them, although they don’t “own” these cards.  If you place a card in front of a person to make a scoring combination, like a 3 of a kind or a straight, you can moved these cards to the middle of the playing area.  Choose to stop drawing and score the cards in the middle OR keep going and try to earn more points.  Just don’t draw a Farkle card and end your turn early!

Farkle Flip stats:
~$8 Amazon
2 or more players
~10 Minutes
Ages 8 and up


3.  Joe Name It, by Gamewright

joe name itIn Joe Name It a player rolls the die and then reads a card filling in the blank with the number they rolled. You might get: “Name the Italian word for  5 “ or “Name  4 one-word celebrities.”  Questions are either for “Any Joe” (the whole group) or “Just Joe” (the player who pulled the card).  If you win the round, collect a card.  First player to 10 wins!

Joe Name It stats:
$10 Amazon and many others
2 or more players
10-40 minutes (depending on HOW you play)
Ages 8 and up


4.  Toss Up!, by Patch Products

This maybe the smallest item on the list and one that often finds its way into my carry-on bag!  Toss Up is a push-your-luck dice game based on the idea that green means “go,” yellow means “caution” and red means “stop.” Earn points for each green you roll but beware of rolling a red, which can end your turn and cause you to lose all your points.  It’s simple to learn and easy to bring along with you!

Toss Up stats:
$7-8 Amazon and many others
2 or more players
10-40 minutes (depending on HOW you play)
Ages 8 and up


5. LCR Dice Game, by George & Co.

LCR is a great party game that is small enough to toss in your pocket before you head out to the bar to meet up with friends or to bring to family parties to play after dinner!  The game has a bunch of chips and 3 dice, each with an L, a C and an R and 3 sides with just a dot.  On your turn you roll the dice and if you roll an L and 2 dots you must pass 1 chip to the left or if you roll two Cs and an R you must put 2 chips in the center kitty and pass 1 chip to the right.  The goal is to be the last player with a chip as they are the one who will win the chips in the kitty!  The great part about this game is that once you’re out of chips, you’re not out of the game as someone may pass you a chip to bring you back in! But I’m guessing you thought I was going to say that it’s great because you can substitute chips for money – well, I guess that makes it fun too!

LCR Dice Game stats:
$7-8 Amazon and many others (also available in a tin)
2 or more players
10-40 minutes (depending on HOW you play)
Ages 8 and up


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  1. Mary Jo Reutter

    Great Choices! If I could make a plug for a really cute, fast playing game that looks great in an Easter Basket — Buck Buck Moose — which I see can also be purchased for under $10 on Amazon. (Shameless plug — but I really like this option over candy so wanted to “hop” in here)

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