Celebrity Throw Down: When you’re sick of Apples to Apples give this party game a try!

Celebrity Throw Down: When you’re sick of Apples to Apples give this party game a try!

Celebrity-ThrowDownI’m not going to lie, the Apples to Apples voting” in games is kind of getting to me.  I love the all-play aspect of these social games but having one person pick an answer from all of the answers offered up from other players is starting to feel a little overused.  Maybe it’s that I’ve played too many games of Apples to Apples and it’s hilarious and offensive counterpart Cards Against Humanity in the past month but I was glad to see that Celebrity Throw Down by Buffalo Games added an interesting twist to the “toss in and vote” game mechanic.

What did they do differently?  Well, they kept the part where everyone tosses in their answer but in this game players take turns eliminating answers.  So let’s say that the situation card says, “Who’s the celebrity to… be a hostage negotiator?” and we get the answers tossed in below (it should be the celebrity card out of each player’s had that they think BEST fits the situation.)

celebrity throw down cards

The player who drew the situation card is going go first and REMOVE the celebrity who they think is the worst fit for the situation.  (Personally, I’d pick “Honey Boo Boo” to go for so many reasons!)  The player whose card was removed (who tossed in Honey Boo Boo?) goes next and removes another celebrity.  This continues until there is just one card remaining and the player who tossed in that card wins the round.  Like Apples to Apples they are awarded the colored Situation card that started the round and the goal is to collect a certain number of those to win (and that number depends on the number of players).

Overall, Celebrity Throw Down is a good game for a large group of non-gamers at your next party or barbecue.  My testers enjoyed that it wasn’t one person you were trying to impress with your answer, but instead it had to make it through multiple eliminations by multiple players.  The one downside to this all-play voting is that it isn’t as enjoyable with a group of 3 or 4; it definitely works best with a large group of players.

Celebrity Throw Down Stats:
$25 at Amazon, BuffaloGames.com and independent game retailers
3 or more (I say 5-6 or more)
20-30 minutes
Ages 14 and up