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[6 Dec 2013 | No Comments]
Cheese Louise: A discussion on prototypes

When I was at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair before Thanksgiving, Nick Metzler was demoing his new game with PlaSmart, Squashed.  As Nick was talking with small crowd of people there was one boy who didn’t want to play with the manufactured version of the game – instead he wanted to play with the prototype.   What is it about prototypes that fascinate us?  I love seeing prototypes – even the rough and ugly ones.
As an inventor there are limitations as to what kind of prototypes I can produce in …

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[23 Oct 2013 | No Comments]
Block Builders: It’s one clever block-building brainteaser game

I think people assume when you’re in the toy/game business that you’re just a big kid.  And although that’s not the truth (at least not in my case – I’m kind of serious about my work), there are definitely toys and games that awaken my inner.  I was a creative child that loved puzzles, LEGOs, brainteasers, and creative challenges.  I wasn’t so keen on school work (although I did my homework) but I’d much rather learn through a game or puzzle and Block Builders, from Fat Brain Toys, would have …

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[14 Oct 2013 | No Comments]
Raccoon Rumpus: My cute little idea is a HIT!

Last week was a good week for Raccoon Rumpus as I found out that it was named as one of the “30 Coolest Toys of the Year” by Family Fun magazine!  It has also been awarded the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval and an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal – so overall, it sounds like people like it.  YAY!
Almost better than the awards are the numerous notes from relatives, friends, collegues and friends of friends with stories and pictures of their kids, grandkids, friend’s kids, etc. having fun playing …

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[5 Sep 2013 | 2 Comments]
Tapple: Love that satisfying centerpiece!

I love word games – Jeez I’ve even invented one!  (shameless plug: see Scattergories Cateogories)  And because word games are almost a dime a dozen it takes something special for them to stand out in the crowd.  This week’s article is about the new game Tapple from USAopoly, and its centerpiece is definitely something that catches the eye!
The game is so simple that you feel that you’ve played it before but the centerpiece is so satisfying that you’ll want to play it again.  To start, you select a category card …

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[22 Jul 2013 | No Comments]
Clubs: Following in the footsteps of Hearts and Spades, this is a classic!

If your childhood was anything like mine you probably played quite a bit of hearts and spades.  I even played a little bridge, but I don’t have particularly fond memories of that.  Bridge Club was just as geeky as Chess Club but at least in Chess Club there was a future hope of playing against a cool robot or something.  Bridge Club looked like it was putting me on a path to lots of church leagues.  Enough about my sad past, all three of the games (hearts, spades and bridge) …