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[27 Jun 2013 | No Comments]
Laser Maze: Who doesn’t like a puzzle with Lasers?

Back in February in one of my NY Toy Fair trends articles I mentioned Laser Maze, the new single-player brain puzzle from ThinkFun.  It was kind of hard to see the lights in the convention center but they were nice enough to send me a copy to play with at home and boy is it cool!
When Laser Maze first arrived I tweeted a photo of the game and I got a response along the lines of ThinkFun knocking off Khet – au contraire! – this game was created by Luke …

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[23 May 2013 | One Comment]
Acuity: BlueMatter Games talks about their awesome game, the biz and prototyping!

A couple years ago at ChiTAG I kept running into these two other inventors… it was almost like they were following me.  Or was I following them?  Either way I’m thrilled I got to meet Nicholas Cravotta and Rebecca Bleau of BlueMatter Games because they are just downright fun people!  So when Fat Brain sent me a couple of games to test out I was thrilled to know that a few of them come from this California-based duo (because I figured they’d be nice enough to do a little interview …

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[22 May 2013 | No Comments]
Get Bit! Deluxe: That’s one bad-ass tin!

I am breaking all sorts of rules this spring!  Last month I reviewed my first 18+ game and now I’m revisiting a game I’ve already reviewed.  Well, when the exceptions to the rules falls into my lap I just can’t seem to pass them up!
I reviewed Get Bit by Mayday Games last summer – you can read the article HERE – and since I’ve reviewed it before I’m not going to rehash how to play but instead focus on the bad-ass changes in Get Bit Deluxe.  (If you haven’t played, …

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[3 May 2013 | No Comments]
Shizzle: Enjoyable even when you don’t use the dice mechanism

Knowing that I have a penchant for dice games, Patch was nice enough to send me a copy of their new game Shizzle.  It’s an interesting little game as it has a mechanism that tosses the dice for you but it’s really the six uniquely colored dice that makes the game interesting.
In the past month I’ve seen that Shizzle has made its way through some of the other online game review websites (thank you Twitter) and for the most part I think we’re all on the same page; Shizzle is …

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[24 Apr 2013 | No Comments]
Bejeweled: Yes.. I bought it AND it’s getting a review!

To start, you fill the board randomly with all non-glitter gems (the glittered ones are special and called “Power Gems”) and make sure you don’t have any 3-in-a-rows of the same color gem either vertically or horizontally.  Then you play.  On a turn a player flip-flops any 2 adjacent gems – and again, no diagonals.  This swap must result in a 3-of-a-kind (or more) of at least 1 color gem – if it results in two 3-of-a-kinds (or more) that’s even better for you!  For each 3-of-a-kind you collect 1 …