Boo Who? or Geistertreppe: Worth the hunt to find

Boo Who? or Geistertreppe: Worth the hunt to find

Awhile back I was looking to get my hands on the 2004 Kinderspiel des Jahres winner, Geistertreppe but ended up getting a copy of Boo Who? by Mega Brands.  Boo Who? was a licensed version of Geistertreppe for sale here in the United States.  You can actually find both Geistertreppe and Boo Who? on Amazon and other online retailers or call your local toy and game store –and if you’re calling and don’t want to attempt pronouncing  “Geistertreppe” it translates to “Spooky Stairs.”

The game is really cute, easy to learn and has a bit of magic thanks to some pretty strong magnets.  The goal of the game is to get your piece up the stairs, which seems simple enough but there’s a catch.  Each player starts with a colored pawn and as players roll the die and take their turns, there’s a really good chance your pawn is going to be ghost-i-fied pretty early on.  The die has numbers 1-4 plus 2 ghosts, and anytime someone rolls a ghost either a pawn has to be turned into a ghost or if all pawns are already ghosts then 2 ghosts swap spaces.  The ghosts that swap spaces are at the discretion of the roller so it could be something advantageous for them or something to confuse other players.  As the game progresses, players are shifting ghosts around the board and moving ghosts – hopefully theirs – forward.  The key of course is not to let someone know if they’re moving a ghost that isn’t theirs and to get players confused as to which ghost their pawn is under.

The game says it’s for players ages 4 and up, but I’m not going to pretend for a minute that this game is going to be difficult for a group of adults to play but it’s definitely fun to play with a group of kids.  Add in a move or two to a ghost that isn’t yours makes the game a bit more fun when playing with a group of youngsters.  Overall, it’s cute and quick and the way the pawns attach via magnet to the ghosts and move as one is really great – actually I’d say it makes the game.  Enjoy!


geistertreppeBoo Who? or Geistertreppe stats:
~$50 Amazon and some local game stores (2015 UPDATE: Mega no longer sells Boo Who?, you can look on ebay or just look for Geistertreppe)
2-4 players
10-15 minutes
Ages 4 and up


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