Retro Game Revisited: Big PayDay

Retro Game Revisited: Big PayDay


As a kid my older sister and I would frequently get games as gifts for birthdays and holidays.   And even though we’re only 13 months apart, we didn’t often see eye to eye on which games we liked.  I liked Life she liked Monopoly.  I liked Candyland she liked Chutes and Ladders. Maybe it was because we were TOO close in age and we were both grasping for some sort of individuality, but since my degree is in Industrial Design and not psychology we will not dig any further into that particular area.

Thankfully there were a freak few that we both liked otherwise we may never have played games.  PayDay was definitely a favorite of ours because it could be a long game or a short game since you play month to month.  On a rainy Saturday we would play a full 12 months while on a school night it might have only been a 3-4 month game.  The only thing we didn’t really like about the game is that the board is one month long so you played the same month over and over and over.  Well that all changes this year!  Laura Pecci of Winning Moves came up with a very clever solution to this in their new release called Big PayDay.  It fits into the “why didn’t I think of that” category of games.  It’s so simple; the board has channels that you can replace any day with a random new day tile, which allows you to play a different month every month.  It keeps those “year-long” games much more interesting.

When I play we start with the regular board and then add 1 special tile per player the first month, we then clear the board and place 2 special tiles per player on for the second month and so on.  We blindly draw tiles and each player can place it wherever they want and there’s a little bit of strategy to it.  Extra “Buyers” at the end of the month are a good idea whereas covering up some of the mail days is also wise if you keep drawing the $800 auto repair bill whereas your opponents receive cheesy advertisements and postcards.
Big PayDay keeps all of the charm from the 1975 classic PayDay while solving the redundancy with a quick and clever solution.  Fair warning that it’s still the same game as before – one I loved in my tween years — but it’s still a nice and easy game for families to play and for some of us it brings back warm and fuzzy childhood memories.

Big PayDay Stats:
~$30-$35 at (2015 Update: Big PayDay is off the market, but classic PayDay is ~$12)
2-6 Players
~ 15-30 Minutes (depending on number of players and number of months)
Ages 8 and up