BBQ Blitz: Yummy design, yummy game!

BBQ Blitz: Yummy design, yummy game!

There are all sorts of great design quotes out there – but the one that really stuck out when I saw the packaging for BBQ Blitz was, “Design must seduce, shape and more importantly evoke an emotional response.”  Yea…I wanted…I mean REALLY wanted to be a kid again when I saw this box.  Often I can appreciate games for their great design, but not often have I had the intense yearning to be a child again so my 5-year-old self could enjoy a product.  BBQ Blitz’s definitely seduced me into tearing open the box, and let me tell you, I was definitely not let down when I saw what was inside.

BBQ Blitz is a beautifully balanced mixture of food play and game.  Each player gets spatula and a paper plate depicting 4 bottom buns.  The bottom of the box is decorated like a grill and all plastic mini-burger patties and buns are placed face down on the “grill.”  Players race to flip burgers to find the ones that have the topping that matches the ones on their paper plates and when they find one they must transport them on their spatula to their plate.  First player to find all of their burger patties and top them with buns is the winner!

Yes, this is simple matching game play that kind of feels like games I’ve played before, but I really believe that the design has elevated this game to a wonderful place.  The packaging is amazing, and I love the incorporation of plastic food.  And lastly, the all-play frenzied-ness of the game makes BBQ Blitz a winner in my book.  Only downside… the box is a little big, but really it’s just about the size of a small grill so it makes sense!

BBQ Blitz stats:
$25 Amazon, and others
2-4 players
~5 minutes
Ages 4 and up


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