April Fools 2014: Fake Products from Across the Toy and Game Industry

April Fools 2014: Fake Products from Across the Toy and Game Industry

Despite a Fast Company article that refers to April 1st  as “the worst” day on the internet and calls for brands to “opt out,” I rather enjoy the fake products we see on April Fools day!  It’s one day a year that we can take a break from our regular seriousness and pushing product on social media to show our sense of humor.  Our industry is supposed to be clever and funny and so it seems that April Fools is a holiday we OWN. I know I slacked a bit this year and I was disappointed to see that some of the bigger companies didn’t participate either, but there were still some notable examples I thought I would share:

Think Geek’s NERF Nuke “ThermoNERFular War” (pictured above)

Think Geek always has great April Fools prank products and they definitely didn’t disappoint this year with their “ThermoNERFular War” NERF Nuke.  It looks like a pain to load, but gosh it looks like fun!

“You know that guy down the hall who always carries around a NERF gun even when there’s not a current war going on? The dude that shoots everyone no matter which team they are on? Yeah, that guy’s a jerk. Are you ready to finally get your revenge? Are you ready to hit him with a weapon so devastating he’ll have to change his pants after hours of quaking in fear? Well, then, have we got the one thing you need: the NERF Nuke!”



“Hoop & Stick” from Mayday Games

“Introducing Mayday’s newest dexterity smash! Hoop and Stick is the latest and greatest title in our exhilarating tradition of dexterity games for the whole family.”  And amazingly… “Available in three thrilling finishes, including wood, metal, and traditional used bicycle tire…”


Bananagrams REAL Peels


“Coming to a grocery store near you…Bananagrams in REAL banana peels! A game for #foodies everywhere!”



Gamewright Twerkle

We’re proud to announce our latest and greatest party game, shipping today!”


Snakes Against Humanity

Snakes & Lattes “Snakes Against Humanity”

We are proud to announce the rebranding of our café as Snakes Against Humanity, the first-ever Cards Against Humanity café in North America. With over 2500 copies of Cards Against Humanity on the shelves, our patrons are free to enjoy as many rounds of the game as they like.”  

“Our sister pub Snakes & Lagers is likewise undergoing an overhaul — they will be reopening as Left Foot Blue, the world’s first Twister Bar.”


Mini Crokinole

BoardGameGeek’s “April Promos” 

A whole list of fake games including Mini Crokinole.  Best part?  When you clicked on any of the links they went to the creepiest video I’ve seen in a while:


Sadly without pictures are the April Fool’s jokes from Endless Games and Winning Moves: 

Endless Games: releasing a new Six Degrees game! It’s called “Six Degrees to John Lennon.” You just name singers who have sung with John Lennon or, sung with someone who sung with John Lennon. “

Winning Moves: “Re-releasing 52 Card Pickup… Available in red, blue, or green decks.”