Anti-Virus: A puzzle with a great look and very satisfying feel

Anti-Virus: A puzzle with a great look and very satisfying feel

It’s been a while since I’ve raved about a game because my industrial design side got really geeked about it; in fact I think the last time a game really made me drool was Pentago (see that article HERE).  When I saw Anti-Virus at the Smart Games booth at Toy Fair this year, I got really excited by it’s design.  It’s beautiful and the way it moves is really satisfying.  It also helps that I’m a fan of Think Fun’s Rush Hour and Anti-Virus is similar, but a bit harder for a couple reasons.

Anti-Virus has a square board with 1 corner exit, 8 pieces, 1 red “Virus” and 2 bumpers and the goal of the game is to get the Virus off the board via the corner exit.  Unlike Rush Hour the pieces in this game don’t move horizontally and vertically, they move diagonally and the movement is really satisfying.  It’s not really something I can explain, more something you have to try and see for yourself.  The other big differences are the varied shape of the pieces, which aren’t always in a straight line like the cars and trucks in Rush Hour, instead some are angled or L-shaped and then the bumpers which provide stationary obstacles in some puzzles.

Personally I love the challenge of both Anti-Virus and Rush Hour but I play with them very differently.  Rush Hour I find myself looking at the puzzle and trying to solve it mentally before moving the pieces on the board, whereas I don’t do that with Anti-Virus.  It could be that I find Anti-Virus a bit harder or because the pieces move in ways a little more difficult to visualize.   It could also be that I really enjoy the feel of the pieces moving from place to place on the board.

Like most single player games, Smart Games included a little booklet with an answer key if you are just so stumped that you need a hint or the solution.  They also have included a zippered pouch to hold the board, book and pieces but Anti-Virus looks nice enough that you might want to just leave it on the coffee table to play with during the commercials.


Anti-Virus stats:
$20 Amazon and almost anywhere SMART games are sold
1 player
How long do you want to play for?
Ages 7 and up

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    we have been distributing SMART games in Oceania for over 15 years; they just keep getting better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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