2013 ChiTAG Preview: GAMES!

2013 ChiTAG Preview: GAMES!

Chicago Toy and Game Fair aka “ChiTAG” IS THIS WEEKEND!  Last week’s article talked about some of the tournaments and events – this week is games to check out while you’re there!

Some quick details about the fair:

  • Saturday 11/23: 10am – 6pm
  • Sunday 11/24: 10am – 5pm
  • At the far end of Chicago’s Navy Pier
  • Admission is: $10 for adults, $5 for kids from 3-13 and admission is complimentary for Educators, Librarians, Scouts in Uniform, Firefighters, Police, Military and Industry Professionals (just go to the Trade Registration Desk)  FOR $2 OFF – PRINT THE COUPON (click to enlarge)

More info can be found at: www.chitagfair.com


I hear that this year’s ChiTAG has more exhibitors than ever, so it was impossible for me to contact them all, but I did ask around to see what some of the regular exhibitors were planning for this year’s event.  There’s some pretty cool stuff but I know there’s a lot more to come so I hope to see you there this weekend!  And don’t forget to bring a bag — there are a lot of great show specials and the holidays are right around the corner…

Whats it PKPressPeaceable Kingdom Press

Yay for GIANT games!  Peaceable Kingdom press is going to have a Giant Stack Up! game in their booth and the inventor, Joyce Johnson, will be there to play and sign games.  She’ll be in the booth Saturday from  11 am to 1 pm and Sunday from 1 pm to 3 pm.  She also invented What’s It?  It’s a family cooperative party game where players look at the outline of an item and then everybody lists what they think the outline is of.  The more things you list the same the more points you get – but if you come up with a bunch of dis-simliar answers, the evil “doodler” is going to score. 

Game of Things BoxPatch Products

Patch is going to have the GIANT Perplexus in their booth – which if you haven’t seen it before, it’s quite impressive!  I hear they’re going to have holiday deals so you can purchase some of their games you’ve seen reviewed here on The Game Aisle, including their recent addition The Game of THINGS…

KwanGriddly Games

Griddly Games has been a long-time ChiTAG exhibitor.  They’re a smaller game company and this year they’ve got a new game called Show me the Kwan which is a fun little dice/word game that’s conveniently packaged in a fabric bag.  This is going to be a good one to buy at the fair since it won’t be a burden to carry around!  The game is easy: roll the number die to see if the letters will represent the 1st, 2nd or last letter in the word.  Then roll the letter dice and get yelling within the category on the card.  If the card says “Snacks” and you’re looking for the 2nd letter – you might yell “Fritos!” for the letter R.  You collect that die and the 2 points it’s worth.  Overall, it’s a quick to learn and play game that’s definitely worth a look!

word winder solo boxWord Winder

Word Winder is going to be another GIANT game you’ll have to swing by and see because I hear this year they’ve “Super-Sized” their already giant Word Winder to a full 18’ x 18’ game!  You’ll get to meet the inventor David Hoyt and maybe even play a game against him.  And if you’re nuts about GIANT Word Winder I hear they’ll have some for sale during the show.    Other things worth mentioning: They’ve got a new Math Winder game and you should keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of Word Winder advertising on the Brown Line of the Chicago El!

Tapple AllUSAopoly

In past years this booth has been hoppin’ with folks playing the party game Telestrations – but I hear that this year they’ll be playing Tapple!  I reviewed Tapple earlier this fall and it’s a great party game!  Definitely worth stopping at their booth to try this one out.  You’ll want to bring it to your next family holiday party!

New Exhibitor: Oh! Toys

Thanks to Twitter I found out that Inventor Matthias Etter will be at their booth to meet folks and you can challenge him in his game Tricky Ways.  Beating an inventor at their own game is always a good story to share with your friends!

Enjoy the show everyone!  I’ll be around, but working.  If you see me say “Hi!”  (unless I’m running – that’s just a bad sign.)