2012 Toy Hall of Fame Inductees Announced!  1 Toy, 1 Game!

2012 Toy Hall of Fame Inductees Announced! 1 Toy, 1 Game!

Last year the Toy Hall of Fame saw the induction of Hot Wheels, dollhouse and the not-even-in-the-pool-of-nominees surprise winner, blanket.  This year there wasn’t an off the radar winner but two nominees who had previous spent time on the nominee list finally moved up the ranks: Star Wars Action Figures (which was a nominee in 2011) and Dominoes (which was a nominee in 2010).  So the Hall of Fame looks like this:

I’m glad to see that Dominoes won — as I always root for the games!  Even the press release had a nice tidbit about the history of dominoes which I think you might enjoy:

Dominoes, cousins of playing cards and dice, are one of the oldest known tools for game play. Originating in China in the 1300s, the game later appeared in Europe in a slightly different form. The earliest official written mention of this game came during the Yuan Dynasty in China, during the reign of Kublai Khan, sometime after 1270 AD. Some believe Italian missionaries to China brought the game back with them to Europe, where it became one of the most popular games of the mid-18th century. The game’s name originates from the French domino, a priest’s winter hood, which was white on the inside and black on the outside.  A standard set of 28 dominoes represents all possible results when rolling a pair of six-sided dice—with the addition of two blank sides. Originally made of bone, ebony, or ivory, today’s domino tiles are typically made of plastic.