2012 ChiTAG Wrap-Up: Stuff I liked but haven’t talked about already…

2012 ChiTAG Wrap-Up: Stuff I liked but haven’t talked about already…

I can’t believe another ChiTAG has come and gone.  This year was outstanding – so many GIANT games to play with, so many amazing show specials, lots of inventor signings – I’m so glad this event is in my hometown!  Seriously, where else can you play giant Bananagrams on the fake lawn in November?

Because I was a bit of an overachiever with my 2-part ChiTAG preview I’ve already shared some of my favorite games from the show, but there were still a few that managed to fly under the radar and one I had to give repeat attention to.


NO CLOWNS by Zobmondo (in the US)

Tim Walsh always cracks me up with his concepts.  Last year he had Pick Me – the cup with the Barbie arms that you flicked guitar picks into (at right).  This time it was the plunge the clown face game that I briefly discussed in my preview article.  Honestly I laughed every time I watched Tim play this game with fairgoers.  There’s something so satisfying about using a colorful mini-plunger to grab clown faces during a speed game.  With multiple ways to play, it’s a great little speed game for those who don’t get too weirded out by all of the clown photos.  (Also a hint for future ChiTAG attendees: lots of famous industry people hang out around Tim’s booth because he knows pretty much everyone famous in the business.  So always make sure you stop by and hang out for a little bit… you never know who you might meet.)


$13 at Amazon
2 – 5 players
5 minutes
Ages 6 and up


Buster Balloon by Identity Games

This game sold out on day 1 during ChiTAG!  Honestly I don’t know how many they brought but their booth was always packed with kids!  They donated some to be on the tables during one of the T&Gcon lunches and our table had a blast (pun intended) passing this around seeing who was going to pop it.  I feel like I’ve seen other variations on the popping of the balloon idea, but the spaceship-like look is pretty cool and the face on the balloons is a nice touch.

Buster Balloon (Now called Boom Boom Balloon) Stats:

$16 Amazon
2+ players (it says 2-4 but we played with a 10 person table)
10 minutes
Ages 8 and up


KerFlip! by Creative Foundry

I’m not going to lie; I’m super excited to get my hands on a copy of KerFlip!  It’s in transit right now so I’m just going to share a picture of the inventor, Damon Tabb, and tell you it’s got the coolest box feature EVER.  If you like word games… sit on the edge of your seat folks, because I’m tearing this one open and playing it the MINUTE it arrives.  I don’t want to give away too much BUT if you hate me for leaving you in limbo… check out the KerFlip!

KerFlip! Stats:

$26 Amazon and Mom & Pop Stores
2-4 players
Ages 8 and up


SCHMOVIE by Galactic Sneeze

Lastly, a game that won’t be out until next spring: SCHMOVIE.  Remember the game Funny Business by Jack Degnan from Gamewright?  It was a fun game but a little tough for the creatively-challenged folks out there.  The game was to make funny business names for odd-combination businesses like a Bakery that was also an Aquarium.  I really enjoyed Funny Business but some people I played with found it difficult.  Anyway, SCHMOVIE uses the same idea of doing mashup names, but instead it’s for movies.  So you get questions like “a horror film about crazed cheese” – which is actually a question I stole from their Facebook page.  The winning answer to that one was “The Exorswiss.”  Right now they’ve got a big following on Facebook and post new challenges just about every day so if you’re looking to hone your skills before you get your hands on a copy to play with your friends, head to their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Schmovie

Update: It’s out now.  Catch it on Amazon for ~$30


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