2012 ChiTAG Preview Part 2: Children’s Games

2012 ChiTAG Preview Part 2: Children’s Games

This is part 2 of the ChiTAG Preview, if you want to read part 1 click HERE. Part 1 includes Word Games, Party Games and Family Games. For information about the Chicago Toy and Game Fair including location, hours, attendance, who gets in for FREE, etc. click HERE. (There is also a $2 off coupon if you click that link!)

Children’s Games

Bug Out at the Out of the Box booth

Out of the Box is really big into all play games (where everyone plays at one time) and their newest game Bug Out is a fun all-play children’s matching game. You spread the circle set of bug cards out on the floor and then deal the other deck out to all of the players. At the same time players race to find their match and the first player to get rid of their cards wins! All of the games at their booth will be buy one game, get $5 off each additional game so if you’re going to buy Bug Out – I’d also recommend trying out some of their other games like 10 Days in the Americas, 7 Ate 9 and Backseat Drawing!


Cluck ‘N’ Chuck and Don’t Rock the Boat at the Patch Products booth

In addition to Buzzword and 5 Second Rule (see Party and Family Games section in Part 1) Patch is going to be showcasing their Big Little Games: Spurtle Turtle, Flingin’ Frogs and Super Shooter Basketball and they’ll each be $5 or all three for $10. Truthfully, I haven’t played any of them but at that price point it sounds like they could make good stocking stuffers. They’ll also have Cluck ‘N’ Chuck (Now Called Chicks Go Boom) and Don’t Rock the Boat for $10 apiece and I’ve played both of them and they’re quite the toy-etic games! You can read my reviews and see some pics of those games in action HERE for Cluck ‘N’ Chuck and HERE for Don’t Rock the Boat… or you can just stop by the booth and check them out!


Feed the Woozle at the Peaceable Kingdom booth

Remember when I interviewed Gina Minola about her new game Feed the Woozle? If you don’t you can read it HERE. And then you’ll see super educated when you go and play with the GIANT (4 ½ foot!) Feed the Woozle game and meet Gina on Saturday from 3-5pm! And if you buy a game Gina will sign it for you – and who doesn’t like getting a signed game for Christmas?! Seriously, it makes for such a cool gift!

If you can’t make it there while Gina is in the booth, you can still play with the GIANT Feed the Woozle all weekend and they will have a table set up where kids can make their own “silly snacks” with our scratch & sniff stickers. (The silly snacks are what the Woozle likes to eat.) And that’s not all folks, all Peaceable Kingdom games will be priced at $15!