2012 ChiTAG Preview: Part 1 Family Games, Party Games and Word Games

2012 ChiTAG Preview: Part 1 Family Games, Party Games and Word Games

This is part 1 of 2 of the ChiTAG Preview articles; part 2 will include information on Children’s Games and any late updates I might get.  For information about the Chicago Toy and Game Fair including location, hours, attendance, who gets in for FREE, etc. click HERE. (There is also a $2 off coupon if you click that link!)

Believe it or not, the Chicago Toy and Game Fair is just about here!  ChiTAG always falls on the weekend before Thanksgiving and since this year Thanksgiving falls on the earliest possible date, so ChiTAG seems to have arrived sooner than usual.  But enough Thanksgiving facts, let’s talk about the GAMES (and some amazing show specials while we’re at it)!

Party & Family Games

Morphology and Morphology Jr.

If you can’t draw and your sculpting is poor too but you love games where you have to guess what a creation is supposed to be, you will LOVE Morphology and Morphology Jr.  Morphology is the game where you use bits of stuff like string, wooden people, blocks, popsicle sticks and rings to create little collage-like pictures for others to guess before time runs out!  There are also great twists like only being able to use the string or having to do all the building with only your non-dominant hand, which keeps the game interesting!

Morphology Jr. is very similar to Morphology but it’s aimed at players 8+ versus 13+.  The games are very much the same but instead of the more difficult twists in classic Morphology, Morphology Jr. has players might have to make noises or use the props in a charades like play.  If you’re interested in either game (and you should be because it’s a bunch of fun) be sure to stop by the booth because they are going to have a GIANT Morphology – and who wouldn’t want to learn to play using a giant game?!


NØ CLOWNS  at The Playmakers booth

Blurt! and TriBond inventor Tim Walsh will be selling and signing his new game NØ CLOWNS on Sunday as well as selling and signing copies of his documentary film, Toyland! (And Toyland is a must see for anyone who wants to know more about toy and game inventors and the history of the business!)  I’ll admit I haven’t played NØ CLOWNS but from the looks of it, it’s perfect for anyone with a sense of humor and/or has a deep hatred of clowns.


Buzzword at the Patch Products booth

I’m going to mention Patch both in the Party and Family Game section as well as the Children’s Games section so be sure to check out both blurbs.  Patch is going to have two of their party games at the show for $15 each: 5 Second Rule and Buzzword which is sporting it’s new packaging!  5 Second Rule plays exactly as you would expect it to, you have 5 seconds (with a very cool timer) to give 3 answers to a category.

Buzzword is a great party game if you haven’t played it!  On every card there’s one buzzword like “Zone” and all of the answers are going to include the buzzword.  Each card has 10 clues and the goal is to get as many of them before time runs out.  A clue on the “Zone” card: “Where touchdowns are scored”  (A: End Zone!)


Word Games


If you are a word game junkie like me there are 2 booths you won’t want to miss.  The first is Dabble.  In this game, each player gets 20 letter tiles and a pyramid tile holder and has to make a 2-letter word, a 3-letter word, a 4-letter word, a 5-letter word and a 6-letter word out of their tiles in 5 minutes or less.  Since you use all 20 tiles it can be quite a challenge if you don’t have many vowels or, conversely, have too many vowels.  Dabble normally retails for $24.99, but they will be selling it at the show for $15!!  Totally worth it!


Word Winder at the HL Games booth

Last year at ChiTAG I was so jazzed about Word Winder as they were just demoing it at the fair but didn’t come out until March.  This year it will be there and available for purchase.  I hear they’ll also have a giant version of the game for you to try out and some free puzzle pack giveaways!  You can read more about Word Winder including a blurb from the inventors HERE.