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Sushi Go!:  Fun little drafting game for those who have no idea what drafting is

Earlier this summer I completely flaked on the fact that I said I was going to bring this new game that I wanted to try out to dinner with friends.  Social media to the rescue!  Little bit of time on twitter and I knew my local game store had the title I needed in stock and I was pointed in the right direction when I got there.  Awesomeness.
So what was this little game that managed to slip my mind but had me excited enough to still run out and get …

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Gen Con 2014: I missed it but here’s what other folks had to say…

I was already disappointed that real life was getting in the way of another year of Gen Con, and then grim reaper decided it was going to add to the fun by killing my computer on Friday.  So it was a double bonus, not only did I have to forgo playing ANY games over the weekend (sorry #GenCant), I spent it trying to revive my old computer, mourning it’s demise, forking over money for a new one and then moving stuff from the old computer to the new one.  I’ll …

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Hex Hive: A Math Game In Remembrance of My Mother

It was Bastille Day on Monday and (more important to this blog post) it was also my mother’s birthday.  Sadly she’s been gone for more than a decade, but I really do credit her with my passion for game design.  I come from a game playing extended family, but it was my mother who really instilled the math and strategy aspects of gaming into my impressionable young mind.  You see, my mother was a math teacher who loved to share her passion for the not-so-popular subject.  She taught at a …

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Picture Carousel: A Fun Children’s Game from Tactic

With MY vacation over it’s time to get back to reviewing some fun games!  (For those who are curious, yes, it was filled with all things important: beautiful scenery, leisure, games, good food, and nice people.)
I played Picture Carousel a few times before I took some time off, and found it to be quite a delightful children’s game!  While Picture Carousel isn’t exactly a new game, it is probably not well known by many people here in the US because it comes from Tactic, a Finnish company.  Marketed in Europe …

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Soapbox: The Importance of Giving

I’ll admit this feels like it should be a blog post I’m writing in November, but there really isn’t a “season for giving back” it should be something we do all year.   Recently, I had a project that touched of the idea of “giving” — something that feels like it has a slightly different meaning to a lot of different people. There’s no right way or wrong way to give, just as long as you’re doing it.
Last week I finished up working with a student thought a great program …

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Coconuts: QUALITY Fun with a Crazy Monkey

I love when my expectations are exceeded, especially when it comes to the quality of a game.  There are times I open boxes and cannot believe the sub-par quality of the game parts — granted that doesn’t mean the game is bad, but we definitely didn’t start off on the right foot.  The complete opposite happened when I opened Coconuts Crazy Monkey Dexterity Game from Mayday Games (aka just Coconuts).  I was WOWED and it wasn’t just me, my playtesters were impressed too!  The plastics were solid; the monkeys were …

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Choco: Finding That Long Lost Toy: When Buried Memories Surface

There are lots of brands we get warm-fuzzy feelings about because we recall them from our childhood.  Some brands rely on the “warm-fuzzies” to drive sales and it makes sense: if I loved something when I was a kid, why wouldn’t I want to share that experience with my child?    But what happens if a toy or game is long forgotten?  Maybe it wasn’t a blockbuster or didn’t have a huge market presence – does that mean that it can’t benefit from the “warm-fuzzies?”
I recently saw the game Choco from Tactic.  I …

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Concept: Different is good!

I saw the game Concept at Asmodee’s booth during Toy Fair and I was definitely intrigued.  I can’t compare it to anything out there, but it seemed like a game that was easy enough for my non-gamer friends to enjoy but different enough that my as my gamer friends wouldn’t mind playing (or at least it would be a welcome change to Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples which seem to be overly requested.) So I bought myself a copy and got some friends to try it out.
The game …